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Being a lifestyle photographer means you get to meet all kinds of interesting people and work on interesting projects. You also meet people along the way that make it an absolute blast, and Alex and Fer were no exception. I met up with them both recently to shoot images for their yoga mountain retreat company – thankfully, I didn’t have to do any actual yoga!

Yoga is one of those disciplines I desperately want to be good at… but I’m not. I’m far too interested in cake and coffee. However, I do like yoga photography so that’s almost the same right?

Weirdly, yoga photography makes me feel relaxed too – so whilst Alex was doing some major workouts on the yoga mat, I was absorbing all the good vibes vicariously… soaking all that inner peace into my lens! This yoga photography lark is quite strenuous let me tell ya!

Alex’s yoga retreat caters for all those yoga lovers who not only want to spend each day doing some incredible asanas, but also want to indulge in amazing food – no carrot sticks here!

And inbetween yoga classes and delicious grub, Fer will be doing guided hikes in the mountains – it sounds like a dream holiday.

Along with yoga photography, we also squeezed in some outdoor lifestyle photography too. Looking forward to seeing my work on their social media and website.



If your yoga brand is looking for commercial, portrait or lifestyle photography for print, social media, or web pages, get in touch here. You can check out some more of my work by visiting the portfolio.


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